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November Stitch Fix


When Stitch Fix first arrived on the scene last year, I signed up right away!  Shortly after, I found Baby C was on way and stopped my subscription. (However, they now carry maternity clothes…how awesome is that!)  By now you know just how Stitch Fix works, so I will spare you the details.  Visit their website to get a fix of your own!

My November Stitch Fix box arrived at work on Thursday.  All of the gals gathered around and begged me to open it right away.  I don’t know who was more excited to see its contents, me or them!

Check out the pieces I received from Madison, my Stitch Fix stylist this month.

Howardson Striped Lightweight Sweater from Fate

The first item I tried was the Howardson Striped Light Weight Sweater from Fate.  This top is right up my alley.  Gray, check.  Stripes, check. Tunic with “butt coverage”, check.  Plus, it was light weight and comfy…check, check.  Altogether, a thumbs up.  This top pretty much fits my winter uniform!

Fate Howardson Striped Lightweight Sweater--Stitch Fix Fate Howardson Striped Lightweight Sweater--Stitch Fix

I paired the sweater with my go-with-everything Kendra Scott Rae necklace, my favorite J Crew bracelet and Frye Melissa Button riding boots.

Kendra Scott Rae Pendant Necklace

Kendra Scott Rae Pendant Necklace (here)

Frye Melissa Button Riding Boots in Cognac

Frye Melissa Button Riding Boots (here)

Donny Open Cardigan from Market & Spruce

Comfy and cozy is the best way to describe the Donny Open Cardigan from Market & Spruce.  This button up sweater also covers your bottom so I paired it with my FAVORITE leggings.  Zella Live In leggings will change your life, I promise!  Yes, they are technically workout gear. But, they are the perfect everyday legging to wear because your skin will not show through and they will hide everything you want hidden!  You too will be under their spell and wear them constantly!

Donny Open Cardigan from Market & Spruce--Stitch Fix

Donny Open Cardigan from Market & Spruce--Stitch Fix

zella live in leggings

Zella “Live In” Leggings (here)

Kendra Scott Rayne Pendant

Kendra Scott Rayne Pendant (here)

Conara Boiled Wool Utility Jacket from Market & Spruce

This jacket was a great weight for fall.  The drawstrings at the waist helped give a little more shape to the field jacket.  I thought the length of the coat was flattering too.  It was lined to keep it from being itchy.  All in all, cute coat…but I have too many coats in my closet and just didn’t need it!

Conara Boiled Wool Utility Jacket from Market & Spruce--Stitch Fix Conara Boiled Wool Utility Jacket from Market & Spruce--Stitch Fix

The jacket was the perfect layer for this fall look.  I added a gingham shirt and my beloved Kork Ease Natalya booties.  I really wanted booties with a heal this season.  The wedges add a little height to my legs, but keep the shoes practical for everyday.  I stand all day at work so I LOVE wedges.  These are super comfortable and work approved!

Kork Ease Natalya Booties

Kork Ease Natalya Booties (here)

Factory Gingham Button Down

Factory Gingham Button Down (here)

Giovanni Straight Leg Jean from Level 99

I was pleasantly surprised by the Giovanni Straight Leg Jean from Level 99.  My stylist Madison sent these because I have not tried this brand in a fix.  The softness of the fabric was great and the fit was spot on.  I usually wear a long in jeans, so keep in mind these run a bit longer than expected (I have 2 inch wedges on).  Although a straight leg cut, the width of the opening was narrower than most.

Level 99 Giovanni Straight Jean--Stitch Fix

Level 99 Giovanni Straight Jean--Stitch Fix Level 99 Giovanni Straight Jean--Stitch Fix

Loft Mixed Media V Neck Tunic

Loft Mixed Media V Neck Tunic (here)

J Crew Pave Link Braclet

J Crew Pave Link Bracelet (here)

Chuck Embellished Top from Papermoon

I don’t have much to say about this top…my stylist threw it in as something different to try.  It just isn’t “me”.  If I were boho I think this would be great.  The cut was nice and the fabric was soft.

Chuck Embellished Top from Papermoon--Stitch Fix Chuck Embellished Top from Papermoon--Stitch Fix

November Stitch Fix Review

Interested in signing up for your very own Fix?  Get all of the details HERE!

Stitch Fix not your thing?  I also receive a monthly order from Trunk Club.  See my first trunk HERE!

Trunk Club for Women

Trunk Club for Women #1

Now with Baby C in the picture, I don’t have the spare time to scour the web for new clothes, let alone wander through the mall.  And when I do, I find myself at Baby Gap.  When I found out Trunk Club would soon be available for women, I signed up right away!  Did you know Trunk Club is now for women too?  Not only that, Trunk Club was acquired by Nordstrom….I LOVE Nordstrom.  A shopping subscription that would save me time and the clothes came from my favorite store, Win Win.

Trunk Club is more personal than Stitch Fix.  You communicate with your stylist via phone, text, email, or their app.  My stylist is Alex.  After I received my first email from the company, Alex called me up to introduce herself.  I opted to complete the style profile via email so I could complete it at my own pace, but the stylists are willing to do it over the phone too.  Sending feedback to my stylist was a cinch with the app.

I don’t know why I was surprised, but an actual “trunk” packed with clothes arrived on my door step last week.

Trunk Club for Women

This month, I asked for jeans, tunics, and cardigans. Excuse my closet iPhone pics…nap time is gold and in short supply….also everything to the left of the photo is Brent’s (i.e. unorganized side of the closet).

Paige Denim Lynnea Stripe V-Neck Pocket Tee. This one wasn’t a keeper for me.  Although the shape and style were great, the shirt was too thin for upcoming fall and winter months.

Trunk ClubLynnea' Stripe V-Neck Pocket Tee

Paige Denim Transcend Hoxton High Rise Ultra Skinny Jeans.  I owned an AMAZING pair of maternity Paige Denim jeans while I was pregnant.  I remember thinking I had to buy a regular pair after the baby because they were so soft and comfy.  These jeans did not disappoint.  The dark blue wash was perfect and the rise was great for a new mom.  And, can we mention the butt?  The pockets and wash were so flattering on the tush!

Trunk Club Paige Denim Huxton Trunk Club Paige Denim Huxton

Caslon High/Low V-Neck Sweater.  Caslon is a brand for Nordstrom that I really like.  This sweater encompasses everything I like:  stripes, v-kneck, and low back.  I loved that the back side had butt coverage and thus could be worn with leggings also.  The u-shaped front made the boxy shape more flattering.

Trunk Club

Trunk Club Trunk Club

NYDJ Henley Blouse.  I was happy to get this top because I had been eyeing it at Nordstroms for some time.  This is one of my favorite styles to wear right now.  The blouse can be worn as a tunic or tucked in.  I am a 3/4 sleeve girl so this top was perfect for me.  It also had full butt coverage too!

Trunk Club Trunk Club

Trunk Club

Halogen Long Sleeve Tunic.  Halogen is another go-to Nordstrom brand for me.   This top is a great layering piece for winter.  It is long enough in the back and front to wear with leggings.  The scoop neck makes for a flattering line also.

Trunk Club Trunk Club

Madewell Irwin Plaid Oversize Boyshirt. As much as I loved the plaid print of this high/low top, it did nothing for my shape.  It was too short in the front and way too boxy.  This was a definite thumbs down for me.

Trunk Club Trunk Club


Caslon Long Cardigan.  This was the coziest sweater!  The heather gray color would go with just about anything, but I felt a little like I was wearing a robe.  For me, I have to be able to wear my clothes to work and I don’t think I can get away with a “robe” as business casual.  Had it been a little shorter, this cardigan would have been perfect.

Caslon Long Cardigan Trunk Club

Cupcakes and Cashmere Hayworth Plaid Sweater Coat.  This coat was adorable!  So warm and comfy, but flattering at the same time.  Black, white, gray….what more could you want?  This sweater is perfect for upcoming cool days!

Trunk Club

Rag and Bone Harrow Boot.  I admit, I loved these…so much so I didn’t try them on!  I already bought booties and I just didn’t have it in the budget to buy another pair!  Oh but these were gorgeous!Trunk Club

After trying everything on, I simply gave Alex feedback using the app.  From there, I clicked “return” and a free UPS pick up was automatically scheduled for the following business day.

Overall, I was really satisfied with my first trunk from Trunk Club.  The convenience can not be beat! I can’t wait to see what my stylist has planned for my next trunk!


Baby C’s Nursery

When we found out we were having a boy, I wasn’t quite sure what “theme” I wanted for the nursery.  I knew girl=pink everything, but boy….I wasn’t sure.  So, like any new mom-to-be I hit Pinterest for inspiration.  Naturally, I was drawn to simple and classic gender neutral rooms.  And just as the rest of our home, I loved grey.  I came across several rooms with awesome trim and chair rails, but Brent put a stop to that pretty quickly and set “no damage to the drywall” rule.  Luckily, I stumbled upon  these amazing star decals from Urban Walls.  The nursery walls were already painted the same “greige” as throughout the house and ultimately we decided to leave them be (and save ourselves some extra work)!
I fell in love with an animal theme.  It began with a giraffe, then an elephant…but eventually, we had to throw in dachshunds too!
Years ago, I found vintage flash cards at a flea market.  Even then, I knew my son would be named after my grandpa.  After our ultrasound, I dug up the card and framed it knowing there was a perfect spot at the entrance of the room!
After a grueling search (isn’t that every search when you are a first time parent?), we settled on the Ikea Hemnes dresser in white.  I recommend this dresser to new parents constantly!  It is high quality and has SO much storage.  Plus, the price is right!

19 Weeks!

19 Weeks!

19 weeks(I feel like the shadow from the flash is exaggerating the bump a bit…don’t be fooled!)

19 weeks2

We are just days away from finding out if Baby Cernik is a boy or a girl!

I keep getting asked what I think the gender is.  I truly don’t know.  I have not had any dreams about the baby, either.  When I am thinking about the baby, I find myself referring to the baby as she or her (seems wrong to be referred to as “it”).  However, I feel like that is more about me identifying with the baby.  In fact, I think I have an overwhelming feeling that it will be a boy…almost as a way to compensate for thinking “she” in my head.  Brent really doesn’t have a prediction either and swears he doesn’t have a preference.

Either way, I have been curious about old wives tales predicting a baby’s gender and couldn’t help but look them up!

Morning Sickness: no, BOY
Heart Rate: GIRL
Bad Complexion (dry, dull, acne): GIRL
Carrying Weight in Front: BOY (My co-workers say I am only in the front, however I feel like I am filling in EVERYWHERE!)
Sleeping on Right Side: GIRL
Full Bodied, Glossy Hair: definitely not, GIRL
Food Cravings: BOY  (Sour Jolly Ranchers, mashed potatoes, salad, soup, and cheese)
Hands Chapped: no, GIRL
Leg Hair Growing Faster: no, GIRL
Chinese Gender Chart: GIRL
Mayan Gender Predictor: BOY