After much back and fourth, I’ve decided to switch to a Blogger blog.  I was caught between becoming a self hosted WordPress blog or switching to Blogger.  Blogger just seemed like the simpler route (and I am more than happy to choose that path with a baby coming).  And lets face it, Blogger is “prettier” and “easier”.  In fact, I had thought about this for a long time and reserved “” years ago.

Our domain will expire soon from WordPress and I hope to purchase it for our blogger site.  I do not plan to delete this blog, I am just making some changes for the easier better!

Visit me at for all of our updates!  (P.S. I am still getting all the glitches out.)

19 Weeks!

19 Weeks!

19 weeks(I feel like the shadow from the flash is exaggerating the bump a bit…don’t be fooled!)

19 weeks2

We are just days away from finding out if Baby Cernik is a boy or a girl!

I keep getting asked what I think the gender is.  I truly don’t know.  I have not had any dreams about the baby, either.  When I am thinking about the baby, I find myself referring to the baby as she or her (seems wrong to be referred to as “it”).  However, I feel like that is more about me identifying with the baby.  In fact, I think I have an overwhelming feeling that it will be a boy…almost as a way to compensate for thinking “she” in my head.  Brent really doesn’t have a prediction either and swears he doesn’t have a preference.

Either way, I have been curious about old wives tales predicting a baby’s gender and couldn’t help but look them up!

Morning Sickness: no, BOY
Heart Rate: GIRL
Bad Complexion (dry, dull, acne): GIRL
Carrying Weight in Front: BOY (My co-workers say I am only in the front, however I feel like I am filling in EVERYWHERE!)
Sleeping on Right Side: GIRL
Full Bodied, Glossy Hair: definitely not, GIRL
Food Cravings: BOY  (Sour Jolly Ranchers, mashed potatoes, salad, soup, and cheese)
Hands Chapped: no, GIRL
Leg Hair Growing Faster: no, GIRL
Chinese Gender Chart: GIRL
Mayan Gender Predictor: BOY

18 weeks

18 Weeks!18weeks

Brent and I hosted our 3rd annual Ugly Sweater Party on Friday night!

This week I felt like each morning I woke up to my tummy sticking out just a bit farther each day.  In fact, when I arrived at work Friday a co-worker greeted me,  “Well hello baby!”

With less than 2 weeks before the big ultrasound, several family and friends have been weighing in on the sex of Baby Cernik.  So far, the majority of votes have been for a girl.  The current votes for a boy are 4: my sister Alison, my friend Stacy, our nephew Jared, and my friend Taylor!

Baby Gear….Part 1

Although Brent and I hadn’t planned on making baby purchases anytime soon, a spring baby lines up too well with holiday deals that we just can’t resist!

Stroller & Car Seat

After much research and debate, we ended up with the Britax B-Safe car seat and B-Agile stroller.  The car seat was a simple choice, but the stroller was a much more difficult decision.  I admit, I love the Orbit car seat, but other than the rotating car seat I just don’t like the accessories/attachments….or the price.

What we wanted in a stroller:

  • Not ugly (gender neutral, particularly black) and, ok, I do like the trendy strollers :)
  • If it is $$$, it needs to be able to accommodate a second child (and not be an awkward arrangement)
  • Easy to use
  • “Fit” us…Brent is a little tall
  • Not too pricey–at our house we will need an “off road” jogging stroller also (no pavement people)

 We had decided that investing in the B-Ready Stroller would be best.  Although it was a bit pricer than the 3 wheeled model, it fit the bill and a second seat could be attached.


However, early one Saturday morning (while Brent was out hunting) I noticed Target was matching the Black Friday deals on Amazon and the B-Agile Travel System was on sale for about $120 off the regular price….seriously.  No brainer! I texted Brent to make my case and it was a done deal.  Between free shipping, my Target Red Card extra 5%, and Ebates we snagged this set for about $150 off ticketed price!!! (I wanted black on black…but for the deal, I can settle for this.  It is still really sharp).


Brent set the stroller up so we could try it out around the house….a test drive to make sure we are 100% sure.


Jogging Stroller

Although getting a great deal is awesome, I might have had a secret motive….I knew our new savings would help in my campaign for a BOB Revolution Flex.  We need some sort of jogging stroller with tires equipped for our white rock driveway and road.  And who wouldn’t want a BOB?

While I was back in Wymore hunting this weekend, my sister gave me a heads up that BOB strollers were on sale.  Same story…Target was matching a Black Friday Deal on Amazon.  Between free shipping, Target Red Card 5% and Ebates  the savings was $170 off regular price.  Of course we were up at 5 am to get to the blind, so I shot a message to Brent (who was still in Wahoo hunting sleeping).  I didn’t think he would go for 2 stroller purchases in one week….let alone at 5 am.  Sure enough, he agreed and gave me the green light!


 Needless to say….Baby Cernik is doing pretty well in the baby gear department already.  That, or this is one spoiled mama!